Do I Really Need Anti-Virus Software?

The days of PCs being viewed as virus-ridden boxes of dismay are long gone. But that doesn't mean there aren't lots of terrible people out there creating malicious programs with the intent to steal something or just create havoc.

Some PC makers will preload antivirus software and try to coerce you into signing up for it because that's how they make money. But you shouldn't ever feel pressured, and you likely don't need whatever it is they're shilling.

But do you actually need antivirus software in 2022? Yes ... but ...

It's not only viruses you need to watch out for

The fact that we still refer to this type of software as "antivirus" is out of date. No longer do we have to be worried only about nasty viruses infecting our computers and wiping out our personal data. Malware is perhaps more common today, with a different tactic to achieve a still-nefarious goal.

The worst part is that the "best" malware — if you can really even call it that — will quietly sneak onto your PC without you knowing. It'll maybe lie dormant, hidden from view, but all the while, it will also do something you don't want it to.

Whatever the term for it, the threats out there are still very real.

Doesn't Windows Have Built-In Anti-Virus Software?

It's no secret that Windows PCs come with their own form of antivirus software called Windows Defender or Microsoft Defender Antivirus. However, many people wonder if Windows Defender alone is sufficient to protect against viruses, malware, and the like. Is Windows Defender enough?

Although Windows 10 has built-in antivirus protection in the form of Windows Defender, it still needs additional software, either Defender for Endpoint or a third-party antivirus. That is because Windows Defender lacks endpoint protection as well as full-service investigation and remediation of threats.

But Can't I Use Free Anti-Virus Software?

Free vs. Paid Antivirus: Why Paying Might Be the Smarter Choice

Quoted from Popular Science

While there's no doubt that you do need to protect your computer with a reliable antivirus tool, the question comes down to whether that tool should be free. Many antivirus solutions cost absolutely nothing — and that's a pretty strong selling point.

But what separates these free options from the many premium solutions out there? What do you get for your money, and are those added benefits worth it? In today's ever-evolving digital world, a premium app can give you the edge you need to stay ahead of emerging threats.

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