Some of What We Do...


Computer Repair
We repair all brands of desktop and laptop computers. We also do hardware and software upgrades, Need more Memory? Need a bigger Hard Drive? Want to improve preformance with a new Video Card? We can take care of that for you.
Cloud Back-up Solutions
Don't take chance of losing valuable and irreplaceable family photos. With one of our Cloud Back-up Solutions you can have the peace of mind that your family treasures are safe if your computer crashes, gets a virus or the hard drive goes bad.

We have Cloud Back-up Solutions for the family with one computer all the way to corporate environments with servers and hundreds of workstations.
Virus and Malware Removal
Computer Malware and Viruses have been the cause of many computers meeting an early and unnecessary demise. Viruses and malware are removable and seldom do damage to the actual computer hardware. Before you give up on your present computer let the folks at GopherGeek have a look at it.
Website Design and Hosting
In today's business environment EVERY business, large or small, needs a web presence.

We fully understand how tough it is to run a small business and the expenses that are involved. We offer professional website design and development at prices that businesses in our area can afford.
Computer Training
Periodically we offer computer classes to help beginner and intermediate computer users to more confidently use their computers. Classes include subjects such as, using the mouse (for beginners), using word processor programs or photo editing software (for intermediate users).
Audio, Photo & 35mm Slide Conversion to Digital
Do you have family audio tapes, photo albums or 35mm slides you would like to preserve? Would you like to preserve them and at the same time make them accessible to future generations? Would you like to have them converted to digital format for listening or viewing on your computer, tablet or TV?
We can create audio CDs from family tape recordings for your family's listening or picture slide shows for your family's viewing.


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